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Want to know why people buy Shelf Companies in South Africa, how to register for a Shelf Company online and how an older company registration number will benefit your business?

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Your guide to Shelf Companies in South Africa

On this page, we discuss everything you need to know before about Shelf Companies in South Africa. Just scroll down to see our answers to all 4 these questions on Shelf Companies.

At Company Partners, we have a variety of Shelf Company Options – and you can start trading with all of them IMMEDIATELY. Note that all of our Shelf Companies have never traded before and was purely registered to be sold.  Learn more here.

Pricing on our Shelf Companies in South Africa – LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE – Starts at R1990

  • 2014-2022 Shelf Companies Available.
  • Add an Active Bank Account.
  • Add Tax Clearance.

All Inclusive! All these costs are once-off payments and our Shelf Companies include:

Free Name Change (included in price for all options).

Free Director Change (included in price for all options).

Free Address Change (included in price for all options).

Free Share Transfer (included in price for all options).

Free Share Certificates (included in price for all options).

Free Income Tax Number (included in price for all options).

Free BEE Affidavit (included in price for all options).

Tax Clearance (included with selected options).

Business Bank Account (included with selected options).

SARS Registered Representative Update (included with selected options).

Limited Availability!

As we have LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, we cannot ‘hold-on’ to a Shelf Company for you for more than 24 hours. They are sold on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Get your Shelf Company before stock runs out!

Please note: A Shelf Company is more expensive than a normal Company Registration through us. You can get away with our New Company Options for cheaper if you’re willing to wait a bit longer. If you are interested in our cheaper options, you can Register a New Company here.

We answer all your FAQ’s on Shelf Companies in South Africa

In short, older Company Registration numbers like 2014 and 2016 numbers, better your chances to start-up successfully. Why?

  1. You can win more Tenders.
  2. You will have more Financing options.
  3. It is easier to negotiate Great Prices from suppliers and office rental companies.

We’ve compiled a whole infographic on the 6 reasons older Company Registration Numbers, for e.g. those registered in 2014 and 2016 are better.

Remember Shelf Companies are simply pre-reregistered companies at the CIPC – none of them have been used before to trade with.

Essentially a Shelf Company is a pre-registered Company. Our 2014, 2016 and 2018 year Shelf Companies allow you to get an older company registration number instantly. However, there are various aspects to it. Here are the details. A Shelf Company, in South Africa, is: AN INSTANT REGISTRATION NUMBER: As a Shelf Company is a pre-registered company, there’s no need to wait for the registration process. You can INSTANTLY get a Company Registration number when you buy a Shelf Company. A FAST WAY TO BE TENDER-READY: If you need a Company within less than a week, a Shelf Company is your only option. Especially if you have an upcoming Tender or contract for which you need to apply within a few days. A LEGALLY REGISTERED COMPANY AT THE CIPC: A Shelf Company is a normal Pty (Ltd) Company that’s already been registered at the CIPC. A PTY THAT’S NEVER BEEN USED BEFORE: Even though it’s already registered, a Shelf Company has never been used by another business before. A CLEAN SLATE TO USE FOR YOUR BUSINESS: It’s a legal company that’s never traded before. They have been registered for the sole purpose to be sold again.

Absolutely. A Shelf Company is legally registered at the CIPC. The reason for the preregistration is simply to save people time.

A Shelf Company is a Pty (Ltd) Company format, which previously has been registered with the CIPC (Dti).

A Shelf Company already has a registered name, however, it’s a relatively simple process to change the name and we often include that in our service fee with many of our Shelf Company Packages.

We register Pty Companies simply to sell them to customers who need Pty Companies ASAP. We also do the pre-registration to help our customers who need an older Company Registration Number. They may need an older Company Registration Number to achieve more credibility in their Tender Applications.

Shelf Companies in South Africa

We have a team of 30+ employees who ensure this process if super simple when you use Company Partners.

Here’s all you need to do to make use of our Shelf Company service:

Call Company Partners on this toll-free number, and one of our Experts will assist you with everything.

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