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A. A Shelf Company is a Company that has already been registered by us (with the CIPC) with one purpose in mind: to be sold to persons in immediate need of a Company Registration Number for either a Contract or Tender application. The Shelf Companies we have available have no trading history or vat/tax record. We have Shelf Companies available with a 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2014 registration number.

Hereby the Prices and Inclusions for our Shelf Company options:

R1990: URGENT 2017 Shelf Company (with Name Change) (All Inclusive).
R3990: URGENT 2018 Shelf Company (with Name Change & Nedbank Bank Account & Tax Clearance) (All Inclusive).
R7990: URGENT 2016 Shelf Company (with Name Change & Nedbank Bank Account & Tax Clearance) (All Inclusive).
R14900: URGENT 2014 Shelf Company (with Name Change & FNB Bank Account & Tax Clearance) (All Inclusive).

A. A PTY Company is a Company that still needs to be registered from scratch. With a new PTY Company you can choose your Company name and add your Directors before the actual registration of the Company. Here we will have to go through the process of a new Company Name Reservation first, and then the final Company Registration at CIPC.

We can assist you with both a Shelf Company as well as a new PTY Company Registration.

A. It depends on your situation. It you have a Tender or Contract and you need a Company quickly, then a Shelf Company can be worth it. With the Shelf Company process we need to change the Director(s) and Business Address of the Company. Please note, with a Shelf Company the Amendment Process varies between 15 – 20 working days and you will not be able to open a Business Bank Account until the amendments have been completed at the CIPC. You also have an option to change the Shelf Company Name, this will also be an additional amendment.

A. There are three requirements:

1. ID / Passport;
2. South African Address (personal and / or business);
3. Ages 18 and older.

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