SA’s Online Shelf Company Sale

Today’s Sale: Get a Shelf Company with a 2016 Year Registration Number for Only R1990!

Do you need a Company Registration Number TODAY? We offer a variety of Shelf Company Options – you can start trading with all of them IMMEDIATELY! Free Share Certificates, a Tax Number and Official BEE Affidavit are included. We can even add a Nedbank Business Bank Account for your Shelf Company to start receiving money ASAP.

Why does it have a 2016 Registration Number?

We registered Shelf Companies at CIPC in 2016, because the older your Company’s Registration Number – the better your chances to start-up successfully:

  1. You can win more Tenders.
  2. You will have more Financing options.
  3. It is easier to negotiate Great Prices from suppliers and office rental companies.

The reason for this is that from a ‘compliance perspective’ your company is “older” than a company registered today. Note that all of our 2016 Shelf Companies have never traded before and was purely registered to be sold.  Learn more.


What makes a Shelf Company better than a New Company?

  1. It was registered in 2016 which will help you with tenders, contract and negotiations.
  2. Within 24 hours after buying a Shelf Company you can start trading with it.
  3. You can have an active Nedbank Account within 48 hours! Note that they’ve NOT been opened in 2016.
  4. FREE Share Certificates, a Tax Number and Official BEE Affidavit are included!

Please note: A Shelf Company is more expensive than a normal Company Registration through us. You can get away with our New Company Options for cheaper if you’re willing to wait a bit longer. If you are interested in our cheaper options, you can Register a New Company here.


Limited Availability!

As we have LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, we cannot ‘hold-on’ to a Shelf Company for you for more than 24 hours. They are sold on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Get your 2016 year Shelf Company before stock runs out! We also have limited 2015 Shelf Companies available, starting at R4990.



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